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The biggest difference between domestic and overseas relocation is that moving to a foreign country requires a whole lot of documents and papers which might be county-specific. So when a international moving company tells you that they ‘know’ what visas and other documents that are needed, check out whether they know the requirements of the specific country that you are moving in to. For instance the requirements of Indian Government and customs might be completely different from what you need to enter China, though they may be in the same continent. Remember every country has a set of specific requirements for both travel and work, and there are separate visas that are required to live and work in that country.

Your first step to know what the specific document requirements of your destination country are is to visit the country’s consular office located in your home country. They are the most authentic source for gathering information about the country you are relocating to. A listing of foreign embassies and consulates can be found in the Foreign Consuls of the United States directory or go to www.embassy.org. To obtain a visa to enter the country, you might need a letter of recommendation along with a record of good credit history and income certificate. Remember no country in the world want any extra human liability on their shoulders – so they would be very keen to know if you can support yourself and your family with the money that you earn. Many countries need work permit to be able to allow you to work in that country. This document is separate from a visa and is compulsory if you wish to work in a foreign country. You should apply for a work permit along with your visa and residency permit (permission to stay). Other documents that may be needed include: marriage certificate, divorce certificate, medical certificate, and birth certificate. At times even a copy of your will or proof of your inheritances could be asked.

After the passport, visa and work permits are obtained satisfactorily your next priority in overseas relocation is an international driver’s license. After all you wish to be mobile in a new country. Whether you transport your own car to the destination country or you buy a new one, to drive it, you will need an International Driving Permit or IDP which most countries require over and above your regular drivers’ license. While it is possible that you might have to sit for another test to get the local driving license, the IDP can allow you to drive around till such times that the drivers’ license reaches you. The good news is that you could receive an IDP at the local Dept of Motor Vehicle from your home country before your departure. You could also apply for an IDP if you contact AAA Distribution center. There are some select countries where the US driving license is valid but in most a separate driving test including an eye examination might be required.

As you can see, a lot of preparation would be necessary before you finally travel and stay overseas.

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