Tips for Loading & Unloading your Truck

When you have a big moving day coming up, there are a few important tips you will want to consider before loading or unloading your truck. This may seem like two fairly simple tasks but there are important tips and techniques you may want to follow in order to make your moving day go a bit smoother.

First, you want to make sure that you have rented the appropriate sized moving truck for your needs. There is no need to rent the biggest truck available for only a few boxes and therefore no sense in renting a small truck when you have a dozens of boxes and furniture that requires moving. It can be hard to estimate just how large a vehicle you will need but by estimating a bit larger than what you think you may need, you can ensure that you have enough room because when you are packing, not everything will fit perfectly as you hope it will!

Check out these loading tips to help you make the most of your truck rental service.

• Create an assembly line of loaders, one passing and one person inside the truck loading

• Analyze the space you have to work with and envision the best way to fit all the boxes or furniture

• Think of loading your rented truck like a jigsaw puzzle and fit the boxes in stacks and shapes, anything to make the most of your space

• Make sure to load breakable items carefully in a place they will not likely be able to shift or slide during travel

• If at the end of your loading you find you have space in the truck leftover this requires you to use bungee cords to secure your loaded boxes in place

Take these great moving tips into consideration to help make your travel or moving day smoother. When the time comes to unload your truck, there are some similar tips and techniques you may want to consider to help make the dreaded unloading process quicker.

• Again, have one person inside the truck handing out the boxes and 2-3 helpers bringing in the boxes to their new home

• Always lift with your legs and grab the boxes from the bottom in case the bottom of the box has become loose through the travel

• For the sake of your carriers, it is a good idea to alternate the large and small boxes so you don’t get tired too quickly

When it comes to the many different moving needs in your life, using your truck rental service and vehicles appropriately can not only help make your moving experience easier but faster as well!

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