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If you have ever moved before than you know it takes some scheduling and planning in order to make sure nothing is missed and the day goes smoothly. Because no one likes to move this timetable can really help make sure that the day goes smoothly but goes by quickly as well. Anyone who has tried in the past to wing their moving day and hope everything goes well has more than likely learned that this strategy of moving day does not work. When it comes time to prepare for your moving day there are a few important steps you should follow to ensure nothing is missed and you are moved in one successful day!

• Choose the truck rental company you want to use

• Decide on the size of the truck you need to move all your belongings

• Pack everything you won’t be needing well in advance

• Start packing your necessities at least 2 days before the moving date otherwise you will find you are not ready when the truck rental company arrives

• Find several friends or family to help you on your moving day

• Weeks before your moving date it is a good idea to go through and get rid of the items you don’t need and don’t use

This is the basic timetable and steps to help you schedule your moving day accordingly. There is nothing worse than not being ready when your truck rental company shows up with your moving vehicle and you still have items not boxed and no one there to help you load up. By choosing not to make a timetable and packing schedule you are literally choosing to experience a stressful moving day situation.

It is a great idea to book your truck rental for at least 2 days so that you are not forced to rush through your home and hope you have everything. It can take longer than you think to move your furniture, appliances and all your boxes in only one day, especially if you are not just moving across town or down the street. Take the time to consider all the moving day problems and glitches so you are not without a moving truck when you still have items left to move.

Many of the major truck rental companies can help you account for these types of situations as they have been in the business a long time. All it takes to start this preparation process is to choose the right truck rental company and they can help you with many of the details.

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