Moving to College

Moving away to college is a rite of passage each and every family today experiences at one time or another. Today, it makes no difference how far away you are moving your new college student because they are still bringing with them the same amount of furniture, clothes and school supplies. Moving to college is already hard enough, leaving your family and your child for the first time, so why not make the actual move easier by using a truck rental company?

Not everyone has their own truck or knows someone who has a truck, especially those who live in large cities who may not even have a car at all; this is where truck rental companies come into the picture. Even for those of you who do have a truck, you have the option of using your own truck and making countless trips back and forth or you can include a truck rental in your moving budget and make one single trip. Of course the answer is obvious, now you have to choose the moving company and get your new college student packed up.

You will see that when you arrive at the school on the first day, many families have chosen to use U-Haul, Ryder, Budget or many of the other leading moving companies to get their son or daughter moved in without the headache of making several unnecessary trips. When you first think about this moving day to college you may not think a moving company is required, but when every box and piece of furniture is collected you will be surprised how much stuff needs to be moved.

When September comes you will find that many of the biggest moving companies and truck rental services offer several different college moving packages to help you get your student moved in and get the truck back in plenty of time without rushing. Whether you choose to use movers to do the entire job for you, or you choose to rent a truck and take care of it yourself you will still find the process to be much smoother than making the countless trips back and forth in your pickup truck.

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