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One of the most permanent needs of an urban household is to find a suitable storage space for keeping goods which is not needed immediately or in the near future. If only the space within the home was elastic and could be stretched! Since this is virtually impossible, we have to learn ways how to re-organize or dispose off the unnecessary items from our garage, basement or even attic! You must have heard of the saying ‘one man’s junk is another man’s treasure’. Nothing can be truer than this saying when it comes to disposing off unnecessary and redundant items from the house. Your children have grown up, why are you still hanging on to that old baby cot? You no longer keep an aquarium, but all the equipment and gadgets used for cleaning an aquarium is still occupying space in your garage. Example like this can be in thousands, depending on each family and their ‘accumulating’ habits. Here are two ways you can possibly clear all the ‘junk’ from your home or even stack it up nicely for future use:

1. Hold a garage sale. You would be surprised at the need which some people may have for the goods you think are ‘junk’. Baby cots, cupboards, kitchen and garden equipment, study tables, old blankets, shoes, garden umbrellas, exercise bikes, old treadmills, even old Jacuzzis, can all be sold off to people who would treasure it. All you need to do is to sort out the things from the old and new and stack them aside. Brush off all the dirt and dust which it could have gathered during these years and paint it up if necessary. Put up a small board outside your home announcing the date and time of the garage sale. You could also use your local newspaper to insert a small ad about the sale, or a small ad online. Be prepared with the rates of each item. Paste the price on each item – it could save you time of imparting similar information to prospective buyers. If you think organizing a garage sale is too time-consuming, you could contact one of the local storage or relocation companies. Many companies do this type of service at a small fee. At the end of the exercise you will find you home a lot clutter-free and your pocket richer by a few thousand dollars, depending on the volume and value of goods sold.

2. The other option is to put away all your unwanted goods in a self-storage facility close to your home town. There are surely plenty of companies who hire out spaces to customers who would like to store their ‘extra’ goods somewhere safe and secure. There are plenty of options available in terms on size of the self-storage facilities, though the most common size is 10 feet by 10 feet of space. This could go up to 10 feet by 20 feet and more also. Depending on the volume of goods you want to store, take one such facility on rent. There are a few check points though, before you take any storage space on rent. For instance, check out on the safety and security arrangements provided by the company. Also, there are attractive discounts which most companies offer – both for short and long term storage. Talk to more than one storage company and get the best deal.

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