Truck Safety

No matter what time of year you are moving or choosing a truck rental company for your travel needs, you always need to consider truck safety. Driving a truck is far different than driving a car and this is something that needs to be understood before you get behind the wheel of your rental truck. Even if you own a truck yourself or have a little experience driving trucks in your past, it is important to take the time to get to know this rental moving truck and its gauges, gears, etc.

Check out this important truck safety tips below and make sure to familiarize yourself with these tips before getting behind the wheel of your truck rental.

Remember that trucks are both wider and taller than cars and therefore you need more overhead and side-to-side clearance than you may think

Pay attention to road sides that pertain to trucks, as many roads have different rules depending on the size of truck you are driving

Always avoid making sudden stops and always use your turn signals far before your actual turn

Use the mirrors on the vehicle as trucks are wider and longer and therefore you need more room for lane changes, turns, etc.

Never tailgate. Trucks weight almost 3X the amount of a car and require more time to slow down and stop than cars to, always leave at least one car length between you and the car in front of you

Never pass on hills or curves because a truck does not have the speed to reach the top of roads like this as easily as cars

Avoid backing up as much as possible if you are new to truck driving, always look for drive through parking lots and spaces for your ease

By taking these truck safety tips into consideration and practicing them while you are driving the roads not only keep yourself safe but they give warning to the other drivers in regards to your turns and lane changes which keeps them safe as well.

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